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In search for lost legends

From October 19th to November 3rd 2019

This Autumn, the dragons will burn Vulcania up during French school holidays!

Dive into a magical universe dedicated to dragons with this special event “In search for lost legends”. Discover Vulcania transforms itself during the Autumn French school holidays to offer you a unique atmosphere: street theater, theming spaces, surprises, unexpected characters, atypical creatures… an exclusive moment for kids and adults!

Animations spéciales vacances d'automne 2019 à Vulcania : "A la recherche des légendes perdues" sur les dragons


Unusual scenery, street theater, unexpected characters, atypical creatures and special activities

Come fight the Dragons’ anger at Vulcania, unexpected shows for all family members!

Unusual scenery, street theater, atypical creatures, unexpected characters and special activities transform your exploration during the Autumn French school holidays!

Be brave and help Vulcania’s Explorer to fulfill his mission given by the Dragon Hunter.

Take part in our 4 exclusive activities, learn to domesticate dragons and dare to challenge those magical fire creatures all day long at Vulcania.

The Dragon Hunter’s special welcome


Meet the Explorer and discover the mission entrusted to him by the Dragon Hunter: prevent the Witch from exterminating all the dragons! Join this fantastic journey across those mystical creatures’ world!

"Affronter la sorcière" : animation spéciale à Vulcania sur le thème des dragons

Face the Witch


The Explorer must challenge the Witch during a final fight to prevent her from meeting her devilish purpose and rescue the dragons. Will you be brave enough to help the Explorer to defeat the Witch, thanks to the Mage and Tissa’s precious advice?

"Contes et légendes" à Vulcania : une animations pour les enfants de 3 à 10 ans avec musiques, chants et projections sur le thème des dragons

Tales & Legends


Take the little ones into a legendary journey to Honshu Island, in Japan, and discover the legend of Ryūjin, the rain dragon. Music, songs, screening and magics will delight the 3 to 10 year-old kids! (activity in French)

"S'initier au dressage des dragons" : animation spéciale à Vulcania sur le thème des dragons

Introduction to dragon training


Listen carefully the advice given by the Mage and Tissa, the baby dragon, and become an expert in training dragon for fighting! By attending your first lesson of dragon training, you will transform yourself into a true dragon hunter!

"Être adoubé par le dragonnier" : dernière étape de votre aventure sur le thème des dragons à Vulcania

Reward from the Dragon Hunter


Before ending our fabulous journey, you are invited to share one last friendly moment with the Explorer, the Dragon Hunter and the Sacred Dragon. A special prize will be assigned to the brave fighters who will have helped the Explorer to fulfill his mission!

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