Time to explore!
Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne

In search for lost legends

From 20 October to 4 November 2018

Change of scenery to Vulcania during the French school holidays in autumn!

Dive into an imaginary atmosphere dedicated to dragons with this special edition “In search for lost legends”. Live or discover Vulcania differently during the autumn French school holidays: street theater, theming spaces, surprises, unexpected characters, atypical creatures and legends told to young children … a programme for kids and adults.


Unusual decorations, street theater, unexpected characters, atypical creatures and special animations

Vulcania changes of scenery and invites you to face the dragons’ anger.

Unusual decorations, street theater, atypical creatures, unexpected characters and special events transform the exploration of the park during the Autumn French school holidays:

  • – Unusual decorations: the throne of the Dragon Hunter, the grotto of the sacred dragon, the lair of the dragons, the greenhouse with dragons, the forge of the Dragon Hunter … browse different themed spaces and unpublished around the world of dragons.
  • – Street theater with our Explorer, the sacred Dragon, the Dragon Hunter and strange unexpected creatures to discover throughout your day at Vulcania park,
  • – The programme for your exploration:

The Dragon Hunter’s special welcome“:meet the Explorer and discover the mission entrusted to him by the Dragon Hunter “Dompter the Sacred Dragon who terrorizes the visitors of Vulcania”! Attend his formation training by the Dragon Hunter and dive with the Explorer in a magical journey full of color!

Introduction to dragon training“: attend the formation of the Explorer to become a Dragon Hunter! In a fiery forge setting, dive into the heart of a show where immersion, unusual encounters and unexpected creatures may surprise you!

Train your firts dragon“: place to the show for the whole family and to the delight of the children! The Explorer discovers the strange setting of the Sacred Dragon Cave. During this perilous mission, will you help the Explorer to tame this atypical creature?

Reward from the Dragon Hunter“: close your visit by sharing a festive moment with the Explorer, the Sacred Dragon and the Dragon Hunter. If you have helped the Explorer to tame this creature, now is the time to accompany the Explorer to the ceremony graduation to become the official Dragon Hunter of Vulcania. Put on your disguise and prepare your best smile!

Volcanic Tales & Legends“: take the little ones to discover the legends of volcanoes and legendary creatures. Music, songs, projections and enchantment drive two stories : “Devils’s Tower, an indian legend” et “Riujin, the rain dragon” (animation in French language, dedicated to 3-10 years)!