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In search for Lost Legends

From October 23 to November 7, 2021

Join a fantastic adventure to assemble the Egg of Knowledge!

Follow the eminent cryptozoologist Henri de Dragoniac and relive his quest for magical dragon egg quarters to recreate the famous Knowledge Egg before the Halloween Witch… Unusual settings, strange creatures and surprises await young and old explorers in Vulcania!

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Revivez la quête magique de Henri de Dragoniac !

Helped by the dragon keeper Vlad, the children are invited to follow Henri de Dragoniac in his extraordinary adventure: finding the four egg quarters containing the spirits of the dragons of air, water, fire and earth in order to reconstitute the egg.

But watch out for the Halloween Witch who will try to seize these coveted items at all costs! To carry out this mission, Henri de Dragoniac and his friends will have to be brave and perceptive to thwart her evil plans before it is too late…

Courage and discernment will therefore be essential qualities for young explorers to succeed in their quest and receive their official dragon certificate, awarded by Vlad himself!

Come and discover Vulcania with special decorations that will immerse you in the mystical world of dragons. This special animation echoes Dragon Ride 2, one of the park’s novelties in 2020, in which you can admire the incredible collection of magical objects brought back from all over the world by Henri de Dragoniac; but also meet the dragons of air, water, fire and earth in a sensational 3D adventure.

Also wander through ‘La Forêt des dragons’ (Dragons’ Forest) and meet dragons from all over the world in connection with natural phenomena like tsunamis, thunderstorms, earthquakes or even comets.

A la recherche des légendes perdues : animation qp&xi
A la recherche des légendes perdues : animation spéciale vacances d'automne du 17 octobre au 1er novembre 2020 au parc Vulcania

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