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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne
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Quel héros êtes-vous ? (What kind of hero are you?)

Are you more of an adventurer or a scientist?

During your exploration at Vulcania, the game “Quel héros êtes-vous ?” (What kind of hero are you?) will allow you to discover if you are rather a scientist ready to quench your thirst for knowledge, like Professor Yapadrisk, or an explorer like Matt, keen to experience strong emotions.

The game “Quel héros êtes-vous ?” is available exclusively on smartphone by downloading the app Vulcania. The game is all in French but may be partially translated by your browser.

nouveau jeu 2020 Vulcania : quel héros êtes-vous ?

Reveal the scientist or explorer in you!

On your arrival at the park, download the free app Vulcania on your smartphone and sign up for the game “Quel héros êtes-vous ?”.


Let yourself be led throughout your day at Vulcania by the Explorer Matt who will welcome you at the ‘Emotions’ animations, or by Professor Yapadrisk at the ‘Discovery’ animations. Then, answer questions of personality and knowledge after each animation. Depending on your answers, a gauge will show you your scientific and explorer scores in real time. You may be surprised by discovering your final profile!


Are you more of a scientist or an explorer? Come to Vulcania to find out!