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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne

Before science… dragons!

Before science explained natural phenomena, people around the world often attributed them to legends in which dragons were important characters!


With ‘Dragon Ride 2’ and ‘La Forêt des dragons’ (Dragons’ forest), discover how they have long been the explanations for these phenomena before science revealed their true origins.

La Forêt des Dragons : nouvelle animation au parc Vulcania en Auvergne

Exclusive animations mixing science and mythology

Atypical sceneries, characters and creatures promise you a mystical atmosphere in 2020 at Vulcania…

Where do comets come from? How does the rainbow form? Nowadays, science give answers to those questions, but that has not always been the case… Go back in time and enter a universe where dragons prevailed over science in the explanation of many natural phenomena, then misunderstood by humanity.

Will you dare come meet the different dragons (Air, Water, Earth and Fire) with ‘Dragon Ride 2’ and enter ‘La Forêt des dragons’ (Dragons’ forest) where belong strange specimens?

Dragon ride 2 : nouveauté 2020 au parc Vulcania en Auvergne

Dragon Ride 2

Follow Henri de Dragoniac, a specialist in dragons, explorer and well known cryptozoologist, and meet these legendary creatures “whose existence has not been scientifically proven”.
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La Forêt des Dragons : nouveauté 2020 au parc Vulcania en Auvergne

La Forêt des Dragons (Dragons’ forest)

On an outdoor and wild route, discover 8 legends that link dragons and natural phenomena and travel around the world to meet impressive creatures.
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