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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne
Accueil » The park celebrates its 20th anniversary!

The park celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Night shows, special events… An exclusive agenda awaits you throughout the 2022 season! From March 30 to November 13, 2022, the park has an exclusive program in store for you during school holidays and public holidays to celebrate this special year (new info to come)!

Le Parc Vulcania fête ses 20 ans d'exploration en 2022 !

Your special 20th anniversary program

Spring weekends

Until June 26

Every weekend and public holiday until June 26, Matt the Explorer and Pr Yapadrisk will welcome you at your arrival and try to recruit you into their respective teams. If Matt does not lack arguments, Pr Yapadrisk could convince you with the show Expériences, c’est Show!

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Spectacle estival "Expériences, c'est show !" au Parc Vulcania en Auvergne
Spectacle nocturne "Yapadrisk et la flamme des volcans" au Parc Vulcania en Auvergne

During Summer holidays

 From July 4 to August 26

Shows will be in the spotlight at Vulcania from July 4 to August 26 with the Défis des sciences (Science Challenges) – Mission Volcans (Volcanoes) and Mission Espace (Space) – as well as Expériences, c’est Show! and Yapadrisk and la Flamme des Volcans. Vulcania’s anniversary nights will set the park ablaze with 12 exceptional evenings ending with the magnificent Dragon Time pyrotechnic show.

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During Fall holidays

 From October 22 to November 13

To end the season, Vulcania will offer two special weeks A la recherche des Légendes perdues (in search of Lost Legends) during the school holidays (October 22 to November 6) and November 11 to 13. Young visitors will be expected to come and tame the anger of the dragons, face the evil Halloween witch and thus obtain their dragon rider diploma.

Partez à la recherche des Légendes Perdues pendant les vacances d'Automne au Parc Vulcania en Auvergne

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The park’s animations

Eager to discover the Earth, its mysteries and its beauties? Explore Vulcania, in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes, and share experiences that are as instructive as they are fun and spectacular. Unique park in Europe on the theme of volcanoes, natural phenomena and the Earth in space, Vulcania mixes Emotions and Discoveries to make you live an exceptional adventure!

Discover our animations on the themes Volcanoes, Natural Phenomena and Earth in Space.


Volcanism is a natural phenomenon linked to the internal activity of the Earth, such as earthquakes or tsunamis…

» Animations about volcanoes

Natural phenomena

Our planet has liquid water and a viable atmosphere, often turbulent with destructive turbulence.

» Animations about natural phenomena

Attraction Namazu à découvrir à Vulcania : élue meilleure nouvelle attraction en Europe par Parksmania !


Meet the Namazu team who established their seismology monitoring and research lab on a particularly unstable fault. Join the seismologists on site with our all-terrain vehicles specially designed to access rugged areas. Family roller coaster, special effects.

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Earth in Space

Volcanoes are not unique to Earth, they also exist on many other planets in our Solar System.

» Animations about Earth in Space

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