Discover the fascinating
world of volcanoes

Abyss explorer

Discover deep-sea volcanoes.

Duration: 12 minutes

Discovering underwater volcanoes

Take part of an underwater exploration and discover the mysteries of underwater volcanoes. After a perilous and turbulent dive aboard the “Abyss Explorer” bathyscaphe, the expedition leaves you at a depth of 2,500 meters to discover amazing volcanic phenomena and the famous “black smokers”.

Projections, special effects and mapping on the rock walls immerse you in a strange world. On this dream-like voyage, you discover little known animal species that survive – and thrive – in the glacial and gloomy ocean depths.


  • Bathyscaphe
  • Moving platform
  • Mapping

In partnership with Ifremer

Discovering underwater volcanoes

Making off : the concept

Making off : the installation

Abyss explorer on the map

Abyss Explorer on the map-abyss-explorer

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