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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne
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Films on giant screens

Marvel with Vulcania’s films broadcast on giant screens during your exploration of volcanoes, natural phenomena and Space! 

Explore the world of volcanoes and natural phenomena on one of the largest screens in Europe with the documentary films Regards sur les volcans (views on volcanoes), Ouragan (hurricane) and Neige (snow) and go off to discover our beautiful planet during an immersive experience. Also explore our universe and its wonders with the films VAST and Hazelnuts, under the dome of the largest planetarium in France.

One of the most impressive screens in Europe!

Les films sur écrans géants à Vulcania

The Giant Screen room

With its 415m² surface, and its Dolby Atmos 7.1 sound system, Vulcania’s giant screen room allows you to live unique immersive experiences!

The planetarium dome (new in 2023)

From the park’s 2023 season onwards, you will also be able to experience more real-life journeys into our universe under Vulcania’s  planetarium dome! Its curved screen of 22 meters in diameter, its 10K laser projection system and its 7.1 audio system offer a perfect comfort to explore Space as if you were there.

What are the films on giant screens at Vulcania?

Regards sur les volcans (Looks at the volcanoes)

Discover the world’s active volcanoes on a giant screen.

Film Ouragan sur écran géant à Vulcania

Ouragan (Hurricane)

Discover the story of the hurricane Lucy!

Film Neige à découvrir au parc Vulcania en Auvergne

Neige (Snow)

Watch the amazing snow forming process on a giant screen!

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Nouveauté 2020 : Film d'animation "Mission Vulcania : Opération sauvetage" en 3D sur écran géant

Mission Vulcania : opération sauvetage (rescue operation)

This 3D animation movie will take you on a thrilling adventure! Helped by the scientific assistant Jean-Michel, the Explorer Matt and Professor Yapadrisk will need courage and insight to succeed in their mission!

Film d'animation "Hazelnuts" projeté sur un dôme de 22m² dans le plus grand planétarium de France à Vulcania

Noisettes, à la recherche de la planète idéale (Hazelnuts, in search of the perfect planet)

New in 2023

An introduction to the planets of our solar system and the conditions of life on Earth in an animated film dedicated to the youngest, projected on a 22 m dome in the largest planetarium in France.

Un voyage cosmique à travers l’Espace et le temps, projeté sur un dôme de 22mm, dans le plus grand planétarium de France à Vulcania

VAST (new 2023)

Travel into space, where no human being has ever been before, and trace the history  of the universe from the formation of our Solar System to the Big Bang...