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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne
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Activities with the scientists of Vulcania

For each of 3 Vulcania’s topic (Volcanoes, Natural phenomena and Space), discover exhibition spaces in the company of our scientific animators! Explore the volcanoes of Auvergne with the commentaries of our animators through l’Expo Chaîne Des Puys (Auvergne volcanoes exhibition), understand earthquakes, their formation, their measurement and the prevention of risks with l’Expo Séismes (Earthquakes), discover the secrets of our blue planet with Machine Terre (Earth Machine) and Planète dévoilée (Unveiled Planet) or take part in workshops to perform fun experiments!

Why attend an animation with a Vulcania scientist?

Assistez à une animation en présence d'un scientifique de Vulcania pour un moment d'interactivité privilégié !

The Vulcania Park has a team of scientists who are passionate about Earth sciences!

By taking advantage of the park’s exhibition spaces (Machine Terre, Expo Séismes and Expo Chaîne des Puys), by observing the Earth from space during a Planète dévoilée (Unveiled Planet) session and by participating in workshops at the Coin des expériences (Experiment Corner), you will thus benefit from a privileged moment of interactivity to ask all your questions about volcanoes and natural phenomena, and thus thanks to a tailor-made session!

The discovery tour (only in French)

Would you like to learn about the history of the park and its unusual architecture, as well as the specific features of Auvergne Volcanoes and worldwide? Book your discovery tour at the same time as your entrance tickets on our online ticketing or at the cash desk when you arrive on the day of your visit.

Rate : 5 per person

Workshops and animations with our scientists on Space

New in 2023: fly over our Solar System to discover its characteristics, observe the wonders of the starry sky, board the ISS, or even discover the secrets of our Sun!

"L'aventure volcano-sidérale" : nouveauté 2023 dans le plus grand planétarium de France à Vulcania

L'aventure volcano-sidérale (The volcano-sideral adventure)

New in 2023

Come aboard our spaceship for an extraordinary journey to the borders of our Solar System and our Galaxy.

Animation "Ce soir dans le ciel" pour découvrir les merveilles du ciel étoilé avec un animateur scientifique dans le plus grand planétarium de France à Vulcania !

Ce soir dans le ciel (In the sky tonight)

New in 2023

Let us take you on a journey to discover the wonders of the starry sky.

Atelier "dans la peau d'un astronaute" animé par un scientifique de Vulcania

Dans la peau d'un astronaute (In the skin of an astronaut)

New in 2023

The takeoff of a rocket, the perception of the senses in Space, going to the ISS or the life of astronauts... so many themes that you will have the chance to discover.

Atelier "Sous le soleil" animé par un scientifique de Vulcania

Sous le soleil (Under the sun)

New in 2023

To learn more about the characteristics of the sun and understand its effects on our daily lives.

Planète dévoilée (Unveiled planet)

Embark on a journey to discover the secrets of our Planet.

Exhibitions deciphered by our scientific animators

Explore Vulcania’s exhibitions with the explanations of the scientific animators, present to answer all your questions!

"Expo Séismes" (Earthquakes exhibition) narrated by our scientists

Discover earthquakes and their effects through experiments and demonstrations by the Park's animators!

Expo Chaîne des Puys au parc d'exploration Vulcania : découvrez les volcans d'Auvergne et le haut-lieu tectonique Chaîne des Puys - Faille de Limagne inscrit au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO

"Expo Chaîne des Puys" (Auvergne volcanoes exhibition) narrated by our scientists

Discover the exceptional natural heritage of the Chaîne des Puys through an outdoor exhibition. To go further, you can take advantage of the visit of the exhibition in the presence of a scientific animator!

"Machine Terre" (Earth Machine) narrated by our scientists

Take advantage of the explanations of a scientific animator to discover this interactive space dedicated to the planet Earth and to volcanism in the Solar System.

Coin des expériences (experimental corner)

Play, manipulate and experiment with your family with the experimental corner workshops at Vulcania!

Atelier "Dans la peau d'un volcanologue" au Coin des expériences à Vulcania

Dans la peau d'un volcanologue (In the skin of a volcanologist)

Learn all about the volcanologist's equipment, then try to follow the activity of the volcano that could erupt...

Atelier "2 minutes pour sauver Clermont" au Coin des expériences à Vulcania

2 minutes pour sauver Clermont (2 minutes to save Clermont)

Help save the city of Clermont-Ferrand, threatened by a lava flow!

Atelier "Drôles d'expériences" au Coin des expériences de Vulcania

Drôles d'expériences (Funny experiences)

Test yourself the amazing experiments proposed by the Park's mediation team and discover the mysteries of physical or chemical phenomena.

Atelier "Volcans, comment ça marche ?" au Coin des expériences de Vulcania

Volcans, comment ça marche ? (Volcanoes, how does it work?)

Discover all the secrets of a volcano with an animator! Where are volcanoes located, why do they form in certain privileged places, what are the eruptive dynamics encountered on Earth,...

Atelier "Du magma aux volcans d'Auvergne" au Coin des expériences de Vulcania

Du magma aux volcans d'Auvergne (From magma to volcanoes in Auvergne)

Do you want to know everything about the formation of magma and the creation of the main volcanoes in Auvergne? Explanations and manipulations to help you know everything!

Atelier "Dinosaures et compagnie" au Coin des expériences de Vulcania

Dinosaures et compagnie (Dinosaurs and co)

Like a paleontologist, make your own dinosaur footprint cast and reconstruct the skeleton of one of these extinct giants!

Volcan de sable (Sand volcano)

The most active volcano in Auvergne erupts before your eyes!