Whether you are looking for emotions or new knowledge, there is something for everyone at Vulcania Park!

Dynamic must-see attractions, films on giant screens, animations with our scientists, shows and areas for the youngest… Discover the 5 categories of activities offered by Vulcania to enrich your exploration and satisfy the whole family!

The dynamic attractions

Enter the world of volcanoes and natural phenomena during immersive and emotional experiences!

Fly over the volcanoes of Auvergne like a golden eagle, experience the eruption of a new volcano near Vulcania, dive into the abyss to observe the “black smokers”,…

Find all the dynamic attractions of  the park, essential for a complete visit combining education and entertainment!

Films on giant screens

Marvel with Vulcania’s films broadcast on giant screens!

Explore volcanoes from all over the world and follow the formation of a hurricane on a 415m² screen, or marvel at the beauty of our Universe with very high definition projections on the largest dome in France (new in 2023)!

Discover the 6 Vulcania films shown on some of the most impressive screens in Europe!

The animations with our scientists

Benefit from the knowledge of our passionate scientific animators to ask all your questions and enrich your knowledge about volcanoes, natural phenomena, and the Universe!

Browse through Vulcania’s exhibits with the explanations of a scientific animator, follow an interactive educational workshop, or discover our beautiful planet from space by observing the volcanoes of your choice!

New in 2023 : enrich your visit to the park with 2 new scientific workshops and 2 commented animations under the largest dome in France…

The shows

During the school vacations (Blue Period) and on 10 dates this summer (Yellow Period) Vulcania offers a program of shows to amaze young and old alike! Admire birds of prey flying in the park’s natural setting, watch crazy experiments, and enjoy a dazzling show with lights, fireworks and artistic performances.

And throughout the season, watch our scientific animators manipulate drones to serve volcanology…

The animations for children

At Vulcania, young explorers have access to play areas specially designed for them!

From the age of 3, your children can explore the world of Pitoufeu: from the Maison Pitoufeu (House Pitoufeu’s House) to the Galerie Pitoufeu (Pitoufeu’s Gallery), the little ones have at their disposal a slide, a suspension bridge, and other varied games to have fun in complete safety. You can also book your session at the Cité des enfants (experimentation area for kids) to complete your children’s exploration with various manipulations:  water movements, light effects, cogs…

Discover without further delay all our animations dedicated to the little ones!

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