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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne
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Specially for kids

Find on this page all the animations adapted to children in Vulcania taking into account the size limits to allow the youngest to learn while having fun!

Activities suitable for toddlers

Vulcania has several play areas dedicated to children from 3 years old. With the ‘Cité des enfants‘ (Children’s lab), the ‘Maison Pitoufeu‘ (Pitoufeu’s house), the ‘Galerie Pitoufeu‘ (Pitoufeu’s gallery) and the ‘Geyser‘, children awaken their senses: water games, lights, sounds… but also slides, suspension bridge…

The ‘Forêt des dragons‘ (Dragons’ Forest) will be ideal for a walk in the undergrowth to meet dragons and the natural phenomena associated with them. Children will be amazed by these creatures, they will be able to venture into Matt the Explorer’s cabin and discover an animated film about a little dragon who cannot spit fire.

The animated film ‘Mission Vulcania: Opération sauvetage‘ (Rescue operation) on a giant screen will also allow you to spend a moment of humor and tenderness with your family.

Take also a look at the reconstruction of the park with Playmobil® toys: Vulcania in miniature, at level -1.

To complete the exploration of the little ones, the ‘Young Explorer’s Notebook’, given free of charge at the cash desk at the entrance to the park, will be ideal for understanding volcanoes, natural phenomena and the Earth in space with illustrations and games.

Animations accessible by size limit

Animations accessible from 90 cm

Vulcania has 3 dynamic animations accessible from 90 cm:

  • Abyss Explorer‘ which makes you explore the abyssal depths and their black smokers.
  • Premier envol‘ (First flight): venture into the air and fly over the volcanoes of Auvergne with golden eagles!
  • With ‘Volcans sacrés‘ (Sacred volcanoes), embark on a sensory journey to discover volcanoes from all over the world and their legends.

Activities accessible from 110 cm

From 110 cm, children can also enjoy the animations ‘Réveil des Géants d’Auvergne’ (Awakening of the Auvergne giants), ‘Dragon Ride 2’ and ‘Terre en Colère’ (Angry Earth):

  • Réveil des Géants d’Auvergne‘: live the formation of new volcanoes in Auvergne through 3 scenarios!
  • Dragon Ride 2‘: accompany a cryptozoologist in his quest to recover the quarter eggs of air, fire, water and earth dragons.
  • Terre en colère‘: experiment the forces of nature through several simulations and test your knowledge of natural phenomena.

We draw your attention to the fact that these animations use 3D and 4D technologies which may offend the sensibilities of young explorers (particularly ‘Réveil des Géants d’Auvergne’). Non-dynamic seats are available to allow children who so wish to access the attractions while limiting certain effects.

Activities accessible from 120 cm

From 1.20 m, your children can access all of the park’s animations, even subject to size limits, including ‘Namazu‘ which takes explorers to an active seismic zone on board all-terrain vehicles.

Warning: the ‘Namazu’ is a roller coaster with 4D effects, certain scenes and certain movements may therefore offend the sensibilities of children.

Think of our ‘Baby switch’ service!

It is possible for parents to access dynamic animations in turn if the child does not reach the minimum height. For more information on our ‘baby switch’ service, go to the park reception on level -1 on the day of your exploration.

List of special children’s activities

Find below all the Vulcania’s animations dedicated to young explorers to organize your family visit as well as possible:

La Forêt des Dragons : nouveauté 2020 au parc d'exploration Vulcania

La Forêt des dragons (Dragons' forest)

On an outdoor and wild route, discover 8 legends that link dragons and natural phenomena and travel around the world to meet impressive creatures.

Nouveauté 2020 : Film d'animation "Mission Vulcania : Opération sauvetage" en 3D sur écran géant

Mission Vulcania : opération sauvetage (rescue operation)

This 3D animation movie will take you on a thrilling adventure! Helped by the scientific assistant Jean-Michel, the Explorer Matt and Professor Yapadrisk will need courage and insight to succeed in their mission!

Cité des enfants (Children’s lab)

An exploration area for the little ones where they will experiment water, light, movements and senses.

Maison Pitoufeu : un espace dédié aux enfants au parc Vulcania

La Maison de Pitoufeu (Pitoufeu’s house)

Take your children to Pitoufeu’s house to dive into the world of the Vulcania Park mascot! The little ones will discover a space for games and discoveries on several floors with a slide and a suspension bridge!

Vulcania in miniature

Playmobil® models specially designed for the park!


Water totem over 20 metres high in the heart of Vulcania.

Découvrez la place des volcans au parc Vulcania avec son aire de jeux extérieure pour enfants


Have fun in a life-sized natural setting.

Galerie Pitoufeu (Pitoufeu’s gallery)

Having fun while they develop their motor skills.