Vulcania Park

Vulcania, a park in the heart of Auvergne volcanoes

The natural park of Auvergne volcanoes takes place over 120km and 147 municipalities. That’s the biggest natural park in metropolitan France !

Inisde this natural park, you can find 80 volcanoes that form « La Chaîne des Puys ». The geological site « Chaîne des Puys – Faille de Limagne », is listed as a UNESCO heritage site. It’s the perfect place to discover the beauty of Auvergne volcanoes.

Although it’s impossible to visit on foot all Auvergne volcanoes in one day, coming to Vulcania is the best deal ! You will try several trails, and learn about this unique volcanic environment, and its characteristics.

Which Auvergne volcanoes visit near Vulcania?

Among Auvergne volcanoes easily reachable from Vulcania, you will find “le Puy Pariou” and “le Puy des Goules”, both accessible from the “Parking des Goules” which is located 4km from the park. Those volcanoes respectively rise up to 1209m and 1146m, you will be able to discover them during a family hike thanks to identified trails partially covered by undergrowth. You will need at least 1 hour and a half to climb up “le Puy Pariou” and “le Puy des Goules”.

Puy Pariou

Puy de Dôme

The “Puy de Dôme” is must-see if you visit Auvergne Volcanoes. Located 15 minutes from Vulcania by car, the most courageous can climb up the 1465m, with a 1-hour walk by the “chemin des muletiers” from the Ceyssat col. There is also a rack train called “Le Panoramique des Dômes” which eases the ascent and/or descent.

Except “le Puy Pariou”, “le Puy des Goules”, and “le Puy de Dôme”, lots of other volcanoes aren’t far from Vulcania. They will surely fill your need for natural spaces and walking. The park is next to the main part of “la Chaîne des Puys” and its outsides will also give you a breathtaking view ! When the weather is clear, you may observe “le Puy Pariou”, “le Puy des Goules”, but also “le Puy des Gouttes”, “le Puy Chopine”, “le Grand Sarcoui”, “le Puy de Fraisse”, “le Clierzou”, “le Puy de Côme”, and “le Grand Suchet”.

Discover Auvergne’s volcanoes at Vulcania

If you want to know more about Auvergne volcanoes, Vulcania enables you to discover in a fun way the fine details of the natural regional site of Auvergne volcanoes in one place, so that access to this natural and unique heritage is made easier! You can learn about the diversity of this natural park with different activities that will be appreciated by all the family: discover on an outdoor route, all the “Chaine des Puys”’s secrets with a scientific animator, or live the eruption of a new volcano in Auvergne! A more interactive way to discover volcanoes awaits you in Vulcania!

Beyond Auvergne volcanoes, Vulcania brings you to the volcanism conquest around the world.

Practical information to visit Auvergne volcanoes and Vulcania

The Auvergne volcanoes Natural Park is free all year long. In order to enjoy nature, practicable tracks and points of view, we recommend you visit Auvergne volcanoes in a dry and clear weather. For family walks and hikes, spring and summer are the best suited seasons. You’ll enjoy the sun and sweet temperatures even in the summer.

Moreover, the Vulcania park usually open from late March to late October / early November. It will be possible to combine your volcano visit with a discovery of the theme park. We invite you to check the opening dates and times of Vulcania to plan your visits in Auvergne.

To enjoy activities in the park and nearby, we recommend you spend at least an entire day to visit volcanoes in addition to your visit to Vulcania. To  comfortably discover the Auvergne volcanoes and its surroundings, we recommend you to book a stay with the Vulcania park. Vulcania offers several deals including your nights in a partner host, your entrances to the park, breakfasts, and additional activities like the ascent of the « Puy de Dôme » by rack train !

Eventually, If you want more recommendations to plan your Auvergne volcanoes visit, we invite you to consult our tips about the “volcanoes road”.

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