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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne
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The shows not to be missed at Vulcania

Experience spectacular and emotional moments at Vulcania! Throughout the season, enjoy a program of permanent and occasional shows (10 evenings this summer) to make your exploration a memorable day! 

What are the shows at Vulcania?

Permanent show

Animation Volcano Drones nouveauté 219

Volcano Drones

Throughout this show, discover how are used the new technologies to the scientist researches.

Occasional shows

Story of Mankind

May 19th

Let the technology blow your mind: follow the story of Life and Humanity with an original night show!

Stunt bike shows

This year, Vulcania will be the starting point for the 10th stage of the Tour de France! On this occasion, enjoy exceptional shows on the theme of bicycles and volcanoes: watch spectacular acrobatics in the unique setting of the Chaîne des Puys...

X-Sports Shows


May: 27th and 28th
July: 10th and 11th

Bike Energy


June: 17th and 18th

Expériences, c'est show ! (Experiments, it's a show!)

Bank holidays, week ends, school holidays

Science becomes a show where the audience interacts with the scientific animators! Meet Professor Yapadrisk and its crazy, humorous experiments!

Présentation de rapaces en vol libre (Introduction to birds of prey)

Bank holidays and on "Soirée de l'été" days

Admire eagles at Vulcania, thanks to a partnership with « Les Aigles de St Maurice de Lignon » on certain dates during bank holidays and French school holidays.

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Spectacle Yapadrisk et la flamme des volcans

Yapadrisk et la flamme des volcans (Yapadrisk and the flame of volcanoes)

Summer school holidays

Discover the history of Auvergne's volcanoes and how they have been perceived by mankind over the years... The now famous Professor Yapadrisk and his assistant Jean-Michel will travel in the past to meet surprising characters!

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Show p

Dragon Time (Dragon Time)

"Soirée de l'été" days

Subject to weather conditions.

Pyrotechnic show in which the mythical figure of the dragon is associated with beings of light...

The “ Soirées de l’été “(Summer evenings) : experience volcanic nights!

Les "soirées de l'été" à Vulcania : 10 dates pour des nocturnes explosives !

In July and August 2023, the Vulcania Park offers 10 dates to punctuate your exploration with shows until the evening! Attend the explosive experiments of Professor Yapadrisk with Expériences, c’est show! (Experiments, it’s a show!) and Yapadrisk et la flamme des volcans (Yapadrisk and the flame of the volcanoes), admire the majestic flight of birds of prey during a Présentation de rapaces en vol libre ( Introduction to birds of prey), and with  Dragon Time, discover the environment of Vulcania by night with a breathtaking fireworks show!

To find out about all the “Summer Evenings” dates in 2023, go to the park’s opening calendar.