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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne
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Natural phenomena

Vulcania invites you to discover these terrestrial, atmospheric and marine phenomena, such as earthquakes or avalanches, and thus to better understand these powerful manifestations of nature. You will be able to test your knowledge with the animation ‘Terre en colère’ (Angry Earth) and obtain a lot of information on earthquakes with the exhibition ‘Séismes’ to discover independently or accompanied by a scientific animator.

Attraction Namazu à découvrir à Vulcania : élue meilleure nouvelle attraction en Europe par Parksmania !


Visit an advanced science base and accompany seismologists to discover an active seismic zone.

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Film Neige à découvrir au parc Vulcania en Auvergne

Neige (Snow)

Watch the amazing snow forming process on a giant screen!

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Dragon ride 2 : nouveauté 2020 au parc Vulcania en Auvergne

Dragon Ride 2

Follow Henri de Dragoniac, a specialist in dragons, explorer and well known cryptozoologist, and meet these legendary creatures "whose existence has not been scientifically proven".

La Forêt des Dragons : nouveauté 2020 au parc d'exploration Vulcania

La Forêt des dragons (Dragons' forest)

On an outdoor and wild route, discover 8 legends that link dragons and natural phenomena and travel around the world to meet impressive creatures.

Film Ouragan sur écran géant à Vulcania

Ouragan (Hurricane)

Discover the story of the hurricane Lucy!

Expo "Séismes" (Exhibition about earthquakes)

When the earth is shaking! Discover more about earthquakes and their consequences.

Terre en colère (Angry Earth)

Vibrate to the rhythm of the Earth!

Coin des expériences (Experiments area)

Learn science while having fun with the whole family!