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Coin des Expériences (Experiments area)

Every weekend and on French school holidays

Learn science while having fun with the whole family!

Play, manipulate and experience to discover Auvergne volcanoes and understand volcanism. Parents and children, have fun while you learn by becoming genuine explorers in the “Coin des expériences” (Experimentation Area). In specially equipped rooms, the scientific team invite you to learn about the Earth’s mysterious forces, through a series of interactive and fun experiments. Workshops, hands-on activities and simulations help you to understand volcanoes, earthquakes and natural hazards. So get ready to help save the town of Clermont-Ferrand, victim to a lava flow!


workshops, hands-on activities and simulations with a guide

Fun educational activities

Learn while having fun and understand through doing, is the programme of “Coin des expériences”!
This animations are available in French language only for families during weekends and on French school holidays (opening hours according to day programme).

Volcanologues et drones (Volcanologists and drones) (duration: 30 minutes):
With reference to the animation ‘Volcano Drones’, this workshop will help you understand the work of volcanologists and their use of drones.


Volcan de Sable (Sand volcano) (duration: 10 to 20 minutes  depending on schedule):
Watch this volcano, currently the most active in Auvergne, as it erupts before you! Learn to understand and control it with the help of Vulcania’s scientific hosts.


2 minutes pour sauver Clermont (2 minutes to rescue Clermont) (duration: 30 minutes):
Careful, eruption is imminent! Clermont-Ferrand is threatened by a lava flow. You must help save the town during this unprecedented crisis in Auvergne. Once you understand what the problem is, you only have 2 minutes left to save Clermont-Ferrand!


Drôles d’expériences (Strange experiments) (duration: 30 minutes):
Conduct surprising experiments proposed by the park’s mediation team and unravel the mysteries of various physical and chemical phenomena. Experiments and discoveries are on the agenda.

Du magma aux volcans d’Auvergne (From Magma to Auvergne Volcanoes) (duration: 30 minutes):
To find out everything there is to know about how magma forms and the main shapes of the Auvergne volcanoes. Through explanations and manual experiments,you will learn it all.


Dinosaures et compagnie (Dinosaurs and Cie) (duration: 30 to 45 minutes depending on schedule):
Step into a palaeontologist’s shoes in this workshop! Make a mould of footprints left behind by dinosaurs, reconstruct their skeletons and dig for traces of their past.


Volcans, comment ça marche ? (How does a volcano work?) (duration: 30 minutes):
Discover all the secrets of a volcano with a scientific animator! Where are the volcanoes located? Why do they form in certain specific spots? What are the eruptive dynamisms encountered on Earth? A unique moment to learn more about volcanoes!

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