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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne
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La Maison de Pitoufeu (Pitoufeu’s house)

A play and discovery area dedicated to kids ages 3 to 12!

Welcome at Pitoufeu, tke park mascot! Don’t need an invitation to explore the Interior of his house built on two levels with games for children. On the ground floor, the living area / kitchen, on the first floor, his room and on the second floor, the wood stove. Great Explorer, Pitoufeu exposes a nice gallery of photos of his travels to the discovery of the worlwide volcanoes. Your children will also enjoy the tobbogan, the hanging bridge and other surprises… Pitoufeu Play Area, it’s all an adventure!

Maison Pitoufeu : un espace dédié aux enfants au parc Vulcania


Playground, manipulations, discoveries

Location of ''La Maison de Pitoufeu''