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Machine terre (Earth machine)

An interactive journey to discover the Earth!

With a 100% interactive journey of Machine Terre, unravel the mysteries of our planet.
In this space dug out of authentic lava flow, discover the amazing formation of the
solar system in a carousel, walk across a giant image of the Earth, play with video windows to understand what is happening beneath our feet, observe the planets on semi-spherical screens, play with landscapes on a touch table, and much more.
As actors in your own journeys, play a role in discovering our planet, its formation, its functions and the internal forces that drive it.


Holograms, touch table, interactive floor, overhead projections, and hemispherical screens

“Machine Terre” told by the guides

Where did it come from? What is its history? How does it operate deep within the Earth? What are the sources of its rage? How and where magma volcanoes shape?

The scientific guide invite you to discover the planets of the Solar System and you explain the formation of our planet and its volcanoes. This animation is also an opportunity to ask any questions!

In French language only: 30mins session every day (opening hours according to day programme)

A 100% interactive journey!

Several arenas, each with its own theme, use innovative, simple and interactive technologies to reveal the origins and secrets of the “blue planet”.
You can explore this attraction at your leisure and learn about planet Earth, how it was formed, how it works and the forces that control it, as well as the extraordinary adventure that is the cycle of life.
The butterfly, as ephemeral and fragile as life itself, accompanies you on this journey:

Solar system carousel
Comfortably reclining on a revolving platform, you will witness the astonishing formation of our solar system projected onto the ceiling.

Interactive Earth
You are invited to walk along a cross-section of the Earth’s interior to learn more about the mechanisms at work within. Amazing images are projected before you as you progress, providing a visual explanation of the phenomena unfolding beneath our feet.

The Earth in movement

Make the Earth spin! Interactive displays on hemispheric screens help you better understand the phenomena that shape our planet, such as earthquakes and plate tectonics.

Volcano holograms
Volcanoes are one of the most captivating visual signs of our planet’s inner workings. Our holographic models combined with images captured by Katia and Maurice Krafft will allow you to discover the mechanisms at work in volcanoes.

Tactile landscapes
Our interactive table allows you to interact with landscapes and learn how to read their past.

The grat globe of life
Life on Earth is the result of an “improbable alchemy” made possible by the precise position of our planet in the solar system. Vulcania’s unique projection on a spherical screen with a diameter of 1.6 m allows you to learn all about the extraordinary adventure of how life first appeared and developed on Earth.

The path of nature
While the future of planet Earth is indifferent to our mistakes, the future of life on Earth is in our hands and has yet to be determined. Are you ready to play your part?

Virtual 360° tour of ”Machine Terre”

Location of ''Machine Terre''