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Planète dévoilée (The Earth Revealed)

A spatial voyage to discover the Earth and its secrets !

With The Earth Revealed, unique attraction in France, you are invited to do a virtual real-time voyage to explore, from outer space, all the different landscapes of our planet and those of volcanic regions in particular.
From the globe’s remotest sites to its highest peaks, rediscover our planet through a perfect reproduction of its colours and reliefs, thanks to high definition satellite images. This voyage explores volcanism, the richness of biodiversity and the effects of climate change, all with live commentary from a scientific expert. Because you select which volcanoes you wish to see and ask your questions, no two explorations are the same!


HD projection, satellite images, live commentary from a scientific expert
  • Duration
    30 min

Virtual 360° tour of ”Planète dévoilée”

Location of ''Planète dévoilée''