Discover the fascinating
world of volcanoes

Regards sur les volcans

(Looks at the volcanoes)

A giant-screen film on the history of volcanoes!

Duration: 20 minutes

Discover the world’s active volcanoes in this 20 minutes film, shown on a giant 415 m2 screen. Directed by Pierre Willemin, “Regards sur les Volcans” takes you on a tour of volcanoes from the forges of Hephaestus to Mount Bromo in Indonesia. Discover striking images of active volcanoes, interspersed with sequences evoking the benefits and risks, as well as mythological or historical events, featuring men and volcanoes.


  • Dolby Atmos sound
  • Film projected on a 415 m2 screen, one of the largest in Europe

Regards sur les volcans on the map

Regards sur les volcans on the map-regard-sur-les-volcans

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