65 parking spots at your disposal in the landscape of Chaîne des Puys.

Take advantage of our special area for camper vans only, equipped with various services. Vulcania ‘s practical camper van park offers 65 parking spots, near the park entrance. You will find all the needed facilities such as water taps and dump stations (for 20 vehicles).

The camper van area is reserved for Vulcania’s customers during the opening dates of the park.

Vulcania offers a 10€ flat rate for the first night, and a 18€ flat rate for 2 nights.

Discovering Auvergne by camper van, it’s easy with Vulcania!

11 NOVEMBER 2024
Flat rate for 1 night
from 17.00 to 12.00 the next day
Flat rate for 2 nights
from 17.00 to 12.00 the next day
Each additionnal hour*
out of flat rate from 12.00 to 17.00
€2.00 per hour
Water token
100 litres
€2.00 per token
Electricity token
6 hours
€2.00 € per token

*Every hour started is due.

Any exit from the motorhome area is final!
Accepted means of payment on site: credit cards.

In order to ease your discovering of Auvergne with your camper van, 65 camper spots are at your disposal nearby the Vulcania Park and give you the chance to stay in the heart of the ‘Chaîne des Puys’ volcanoes. Don’t hesitate no more! Go explore Auvergne with your motor home and take advantage of our equipped and tree-filled area. You will, among other things, benefit from emptying facilities but also water and power supply.

The Vulcania Park’s camper area is available every day from the beginning to the end of the season. However, you cannot book your spot in advance. Moreover, caravans are not accepted.

You wish to access our camper area after the Park closure? Don’t worry, the motor home area is accessible until 1 hour after the Park has closed, a 10€ flat rate will automatically be charged.

A car park is also accessible during the opening times of Vulcania and has free camper van spots.

Auvergne by motor home

Have a break in your exploration of Auvergne and benefit from the Vulcania Park’s utilities for campers. By staying at our dedicated area which offers you water, power and emptying facilities, you will also appreciate the unique environment of the ‘Chaîne des Puys’ volcanoes with a one or two-night stay. Match comfort and safety with the Vulcania Park’s camper area!

Exploring the ‘Chaîne des Puys’ volcanoes by camper van

In addition of the numerous attractions you can enjoy inside the Park, Vulcania is also a suitable starting point for your exploration of the ‘Chaîne des Puys’ volcanoes. Explanatory signs provided by the ‘Maison du Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d’Auvergne’ (Auvergne volcanoes regional natural park Office) are at your disposal to help you identify the local volcanoes but also the main hiking tracks and other camper van areas.

Therefore, you will have plenty of opportunities to discover Vulcania and Auvergne as you want, by travelling among the ‘Puys’ and other local volcanoes, but also the well-known ‘Banne d’Ordanche’, with all the necessary comfort and the guarantee of having water and power supply, as well as emptying facilities for your vehicle on our camper area. You get it, Vulcania has all you need to complete your visit of Auvergne by motor home!