To better understand our beautiful planet, you must get a higher overview and go conquer our universe into the biggest planetarium of France.

What is a “planetarium”?

A planetarium is a place for scientist culture. It has a hemispherical screen which enables an immersive observation of the sky. Therefore, it is the perfect place to discover the constellations, to reproduce the positions and movements of the planets, but also to simulate space travels through the Solar System and beyond.

Earth has many similarities with other planets and natural satellites in the Solar System (like volcanism, liquid water, seasons…). Thus, the biggest planetarium of France, which will open its gates in 2023 at Vulcania, will help you to better understand those phenomena on Earth and elsewhere in a fun and interactive way.

An immersive experience!

With its huge 22-meter dome, the Vulcania’s planetarium will be the biggest of France! It will receive up to 314 visitors per session (8 places will be dedicated to visitors with limited mobility), and it will be equipped with a 10K laser projection system and a 7.1 audio system for an unforgettable audio-visual experience!

The building will also have 4 rooms for fun and educational workshops, and a dedicated place for documentary resources about Space, natural phenomena and volcanoes.

Attractions for the whole family!

With the opening of its planetarium, Vulcania will add 6 new attractions to its offer in order to complete your exploration:

  • 2 sessions with a scientific animator for a customized experience!
  • 2 movies for young and older explorers
  • 2 fun and educational workshops to understand while experimenting