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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne
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Magma café

Home-cooked sandwiches, snacks, pastries, hot and cold drinks, icecream allow you to make a quick break between two discoveries.


at €11
Magma Café au parc d'exploration Vulcania : découvrez les formules sandwichs


Formula: €11

1 sandwich + 1 dessert + 1 drink

Sandwiches from €5.80

  • Sandwich ham-butter : €5.40
  • Other sandwiches : €5.60

Pastries and ice creams from €2.80

  • Crepe or Waffle (Nutella, sugar, strawberry coulis, salted butter caramel)
  • Doughnut (Chocolate or Raspberry)
  • Muffin (Chocolate or Blueberry)
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Ice creams

Formula Crêpe: €6

Crêpe to choose + fresh or hot drink (except alcohol)

Formula Waffle: €6.50

Waffle to choose + fresh or hot drink (except alcohol)

During peak periods, we advise to lunch out of rush hours. No booking possible.

Accepted payment methods: credit cards / American express, cash, cheques, cheques Vacance (French holiday vouchers).

All prices are inclusive of VAT and service charge. Offers subject to change without prior notice.

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