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Carnet de voyage

(Travel diaries)

Have a look on the best notebook for the 2023 travel diary “Vulcania Prize”.


Admire the talent of the five bookmakers selected to participate in the “Vulcania Prize” for the 2023 travel diary and travel to Japan, Turkey, Lanzarote and through France.


  • Exhibition of notebooks with sketches and writings

The contestants

Christophe PONS with “Forêts, un peintre au bois dormant” (France, Haut-Languedoc)


Mareva PERNIN with “LanzaVAN” (Lanzarote)

Laetita CHAMPINOT with “Voyage au Japon” (Japan)

Marine JOSSERAND with “inTER(RE)ail” (from Grenoble to Turkey)

Delphine ZIGONI with “(Pré)Histoire de la Terre” (France, Angeac)

A travel grant of €1500, intended to discover a volcanic region, has been awarded to the winner. His/her journey will be the subject of a new travel diary which will be exhibited in the park in summer 2024.

So vote for your favorite travel diary during your visit!

The Vulcania prize

The Vulcania travel diary prize has existed since 2005. It was created in partnership with the association “Il faut aller voir” which organizes the “Rendez-vous du carnet de voyage” every year in November in Clermont-Ferrand.

This prize encourages travel diaries produced on the theme “The Adventure of the Earth” (discovery, society, legends, fiction, history, environment, geology, etc.). It is awarded every two years.

The winner, chosen by the public and a jury from among several candidates exhibiting their works, is invited to make a trip and to present the following year a travel diary from his volcanic journey to Vulcania.

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