La cité des enfants

(Children’s lab)

An exploration area for the little ones!

AGE LIMIT: 3-7 years old

Duration: 30 minutes

Share a learning moment with your child and have fun!
“La Cité des enfants” is entirely dedicated to children ages 3 to 7, providing them with interesting and varied age-suitable opportunities to experience exploration.
This place of exploration, through play, to fine-tune their motor skills, learn to build relationships of cause and effect, and develop their ability to anticipate, thus improving their sensory abilities.

A space designed and produced in partnership with La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, an Universcience establishment in Paris.


  • 4 play areas on the themes of water, movement, the senses and light.

Free registration

To be booked at the same time as your tickets via the online ticketing service:

Raise children’s awareness of science

Various interactive and fun workshops on the senses, experimentation and active discovery in four dedicated play areas:

Experimenting with water

Your child can play with water and discover some of its properties: it flows, puts other things in a state of flux, and can exist as a solid, liquid or gas.

Things to discover:

  • Basins
  • Taps
  • Fountain & ball
  • Bubble column
  • Vortex

Discovering the senses

Help your child to develop their sensory skills with smell, touch and hearing activities.
They establish a contact with the outside world through the senses.

Things to discover:

  • Smell tubes
  • Sound tubes
  • Ball containing hidden objects

Discovering movements

With the ball mechanism, gears… , your children develop their capacity to establish the link between a given action and the outcome. They learn to anticipate the movements.
Anticipation and comparing different actions are essential activities for the development of their capacity for thought.

Things to discover:

  • Scales
  • Engrenages
  • Ball lathes
  • Ball mechanism
  • Tower of time

Discovering lights

Thanks to innovate games, your children can familiarize with light and explore a few of its characteristics unusually : by casting shadows and mixing colours, your kids can develop the ability to trace lines and get ready to learn to read and write.

Things to discover:

  • A light-emitting pen
  • Coloured lights

Parents: you have a role to play during the visit!

You are invited to watch, encourage and play with their children in this area where you are their children’s guests.

The exhibition uses 3 symbols to help you decide which level of participation is best adapted to each activity : supervise, encourage or join in.

Practical information

La Cité des enfants is a unique attraction offering fun and educational activities, exclusively reserved for 3-7 year old.

Access conditions

  • Open every day.
  • Sessions last 30 mins (present yourselves 15 mins before the beginning of the session),
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult (limit of 3 children per adult, and 2 adults for 1 child). Adults without children are not admitted into la Cité des Enfants.
  • Opening hours available on the site map or when you book online.

Registration required

Book a session for your little ones on site (reception, level -1) or online.

Online bookings are strongly recommended!

Book your session for la Cité des enfants meanwhile you buy your dated tickets:

You haven’t bought your tickets for the park

Book your session at the Cité des enfants (Children’s city) at the same time as you buy your dated tickets.

You already have your park tickets

Book your session at the Cité des enfants only when you arrive at the park, at the cash desk or reception (level -1).

Virtual visit of La Cité des enfants

La Cité des enfants on the map

La Cité des enfants on the map-la-cite-des-enfants

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