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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne
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Mission Vulcania
Opération sauvetage (Rescue operation)

New animation movie on giant screen!

This animation movie with Dolby Atmos sound will take you on an thrilling adventure. With the help of the scientific assistant Jean-Michel, Matt the Explorer and Professor Yapadrisk will need to be brave and perceptive to succeed in their mission: rescue their friend Pitoufeu and bring him back to Vulcania!

Mission Vulcania Opération Sauvetage : nouveau film 'animation en 3D sur écran géant à Vulcania


3D movie with Dolby Atmos sound projected on a 415 m² screen.
  • Duration
    15 min

A gripping adventure that will please the whole family!

Matt the Explorer and Professor Yapadrisk are worried of not having heard from their friend Pitoufeu for quite a while. Their concern is justified when they receive a mysterious bag with a message unfortunately partially burnt… but where can Pitoufeu be?


To find their friend back, they will need all of Professor Yapadrisk’s scientific knowledge as well as Matt the Explorer’s bravery and boldness. With the help of Jean-Michel, the Professor’s assistant, our heroes will have to climb famous volcanoes and overcome challenges in order to come to the rescue of Pitoufeu, Vulcania’s tiny volcano.


A touching story mixing emotions and humor, with the voices of the French performers Aldebert, Ours and Elodie Frégé.

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