Face natural phenomena


Join the seismologists to discover an “active seismic zone”!

Duration: 6 minutes

Discover the monitoring and research laboratory of a team of seismologists, the “Namazu” team, based on a seismic fault with unstable activity.

Join their expedition and experience a thrilling adventure!


  • Roller coaster accessible from 1.20 m

Namazu, voted Best New Attraction in Europe by Parksmania!

The Namazu animation has been named Best New Attraction in Europe at the Parksmania Awards 2021.
The Parksmania Awards enjoy international recognition, and include awards for major European parks such as Puy du Fou, Futuroscope and Europa-Park.

The source of earthquakes: Namazu

Before scientific explanations were available, the Japanese believed that an earthquake resulted from the jolts of an underground dragon, on whose spine Japan rests.

For almost half a millennium, it’s been a Namazu, a giant catfish living in the mud of the deep, that’s been held responsible. The god who immobilizes it sometimes falls asleep, and the Namazu takes advantage of this to try and free itself, causing new earthquakes. If the catfish has replaced the dragon, it may be because these fish are sensitive to electrical signals, a possible precursor to an earthquake…

Join the “Namazu” expedition!

You’ll discover an environment that’s highly evocative of the earthquake theme, and you’ll immediately be immersed in the atmosphere: the area seems to have been shaped by an earthquake that has impacted both the landscape and the buildings. The ground seems to rise up in layers, with cracks and fissures appearing on paths and buildings.

The Namazu scientific team has set up its seismic monitoring and research laboratory on a particularly unstable fault. Its seismic activity enables a wide range of readings and facilitates research. Despite this, the area remains dangerous, and although the buildings are earthquake-resistant, the area is often evacuated for safety reasons.

Before taking specially-designed all-terrain vehicles into rugged terrain to join the Namazu team in the field, you’ll be invited to enter the advanced base in groups to meet the Namazu team’s chief scientist.

Discover the animation teaser!

Follow the installation of the animation in videos!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Namazu on the map

Namazu on the map-namazu

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