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Follow seismologists to discover an ‘active seismic zone’!

Discover the monitoring and research laboratory of a team of seismologists, the ‘Namazu’ team, based on an unstable seismic fault.

Join their expedition and experience an adventure full of emotions!

Namazu : nouveauté 2021 sur le thème des séismes à Vulcania

Namazu, voted Best New Attraction in Europe by Parksmania!

The animation ‘Namazu’ was awarded the title of Best New Attraction in Europe at the Parksmania Awards 2021.

The Parksmania Awards enjoy international recognition and notably reward the main parks in Europe such as Le Puy du Fou, the Futuroscope or even Europa-Park.”

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At the origin of earthquakes: the Namazu

Before having scientific explanations, the Japanese believed that an earthquake was the result of the jolts of an underground dragon on which Japan is posed.


For nearly half a millennium, it is rather a Namazu, a giant catfish living in the mud of the depths, which is held responsible. The god who immobilizes him sometimes falls asleep, and the Namazu takes advantage of this nap to try to free himself, thus causing new earthquakes. If the catfish has supplanted the dragon, it may be because these fish are sensitive to electrical signals, a possible precursor sign of an earthquake…

Join the ‘Namazu’ expedition!

You will discover an environment very evocative of earthquakes and will immediately be immersed in the atmosphere: the area seems to have been shaped by an earthquake that affected both the landscape and the buildings. The ground seems to be rising in layers, faults and cracks appear on the roads and constructions.


The Namazu scientific team has established its seismology monitoring and research laboratory on a particularly unstable fault. Its seismic activity allows numerous surveys and facilitates research. Despite everything, the area remains dangerous, although the buildings are of earthquake-resistant design, the area is often evacuated as a safety measure.


Before taking off-road vehicles specially designed to access the hilly areas to join the Namazu team in the field, you will be invited to enter in groups in the forward base to find the scientific chief of the Namazu team.

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