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Séismes (Earthquakes)

When Earth is shaking!

Direct consequence of plate tectonics, earthquakes are a testimony of our Earth geologic life.

Visit this exhibition which  offers a better understanding of natural catastrophes, so insignificant for our planet but with so dramatic consequences on human beings. Admire the efforts of specialised rescue workers who focus their work on this phenomenon and on risk prevention..


200m² exhibition area - 6 themes

Earthquakes told by scientific experts (in French only)

How does earthquake study evolved through the times? How do you protect yourself during an earthquake?

Thanks to experiences and demonstrations, you will discover the major types of seismic waves, measuring instruments and the contribution of seismology in the understanding of our planet. Learn how to manage earthquakes and discover seismicity around the world and in France.

30-min session everyday (schedule according to the day programming)

Location of ''Séismes''