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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne
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New in 2021

In 2021, experiment 2 new attractions that focus on natural phenomena at Vulcania!

Face the incredible strenght of an earthquake with Namazu, and walk into the footsteps of a meteorologist to better understand the forming of snow and its impacts.

An extraordinary adventure, mixing Discoveries and Emotions, is waiting for you in the heart of Auvergne volcanoes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Fermeture du parc Vulcania du 4 novembre 2019 au 24 mars 2020

New animations in 2021

Attraction Namazu à découvrir à Vulcania : élue meilleure nouvelle attraction en Europe par Parksmania !


Visit an advanced science base and accompany seismologists to discover an active seismic zone.

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Film Neige à découvrir au parc Vulcania en Auvergne

Neige (Snow)

Watch the amazing snow forming process on a giant screen!

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