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Vulcania: amusement park in Auvergne

New in 2020

In 2020, live an exceptional adventure combining Emotions and Discoveries with Professor Yapadrisk, the Explorer Matt and Pitoufeu!

During the whole season, enjoy two new dragon-themed animations, an exploration game on smartphone and a 3D animation movie projected on giant screen!

Share experiences as fun as sensational in the heart of Auvergne volcanoes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Find out more about our 2020 new animations…

nouveau jeu 2020 Vulcania : quel héros êtes-vous ?

New animations in 2020

Dragon ride 2 : nouveauté 2020 au parc Vulcania en Auvergne

Dragon Ride 2

Follow Henri de Dragoniac, a specialist in dragons, explorer and well known cryptozoologist, and meet these legendary creatures "whose existence has not been scientifically proven".

La Forêt des Dragons : nouveauté 2020 au parc d'exploration Vulcania

La Forêt des dragons (Dragons' forest)

On an outdoor and wild route, discover 8 legends that link dragons and natural phenomena and travel around the world to meet impressive creatures.

Nouveauté 2020 : Film d'animation "Mission Vulcania : Opération sauvetage" en 3D sur écran géant

Mission Vulcania : opération sauvetage (rescue operation)

This 3D animation movie will take you on a thrilling adventure! Helped by the scientific assistant Jean-Michel, the Explorer Matt and Professor Yapadrisk will need courage and insight to succeed in their mission!

Nouveau jeu sur smartphone "Quel héros êtes-vous ?" à découvrir en 2020 au parc Vulcania

Quel héros êtes-vous ? (What kind of hero are you?)

Are you more of an explorer or a scientist? During your exploration at Vulcania, this game will allow you to discover if you are rather a scientist ready to quench your thirst for knowledge, like Professor Yapadrisk, or an explorer like Matt, keen to live strong emotions.