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Cafétéria des Puys

Enjoy a meal with your family in a warm design with volcanic colors.

Choose your meal from different formulas to the card. For children, choose Pitoufeu formula (under 12 years old).

The main course

From €9.90

Formulas to the card

Starter of your choice - €3.50

  • Salad bar
  • Deli plate (pie crust + dry sausage from Auvergne + terrine of Auvergne)
  • Auvergne pie
  • Tuna salad

Main course of your choice - €9.90

  • Andouillette (tripe sausage) of Troyes
  • Chicken confit thigh

Main course of your choice - €11.90

  • Charolais steak Label Rouge
  • Cod fish

Cheese or dessert of your choice -  €3.50

  • A.O.P. d'Auvergne Cheese plate
  • Chocolate cake and English custard
  • Chocolat mousse and poached pear
  • Crème brulée
  • Custard pastry
  • Tiramisu
  • Fruits salad
  • Paris Brest

Children's Pitoufeu formula: €8.90 (under 12 years old)

  • Chop steak or sausage of Strasbourg
  • Chocolate mousse or drinking yoghurt
  • Volvic water 50 cl or apple juice 20 cl

The busy days, lunch out of peak hours. No booking possible.

Accepted payments: credit card / American express, cash, checks.
No lunch check or ticket restaurant will be accepted.


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